Here is where I will highlight all our crochet Adventurers who join the Crochet Magical Mystery Tour.

Anyone who completes all four projects in any given month and posts it on Instagram with hashtag: #LJDCMMT will be highlighted here. I will link to your Instagram bio and one of your pictures. If you want me to link to your crochet website, then also write your URL into your post and I’ll include that also.

You can also qualify by joining my Facebook group and posting it there as well: Let’s Have Fun Crochet, Tunisian and Knitting Party!

For the first month, I will highlight anyone who finishes just one project and posts it on Instagram with hashtag: #LJDCMMT

If you have posted pictures somewhere else online, then just send me an email with links and I’ll highlight you as well.

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Even if we are past the month, if you complete all the projects for that month, you can be highlighted here. Simply send me an email with where to find your pictures online and I’ll add you!

Meet Our Magical Mystery Tour Adventurers!

Month 1 – September 2019

Thanks to Our September Adventurers!

Barbara@barbarayoung44 at Instagram – Posted all 4 Patterns for the month of September!!! Woo!! Check out her finished projects!

Kathleen@den3kat1 at Instagram – Posted 3 of the 4 patterns for September! Wow! Check out her finished projects!

Month 2 – October 2019

Month 3 – November 2019

Month 4 – December 2019

Month 5 – January 2020

Month 6 – February 2020

Month 7 – March 2020

Month 8- April 2020

Month 9- May 2020

Month 10- June 2020

Month 11 – July 2020

Month 12 – August 2020

Grand Poo-bah Adventurers

Here are the Adventurers who have completed all 52 projects and posted them online.

They will receive 5 of my paid patterns free as well as a coupon for a free online course.

Thank you to All who Participate!


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