Roll Up for the Magical Mystery Tour! Step Right this Way!

Introducing the Crochet Magical Mystery Tour!

This is a FREE Yearlong Adventure where you get

  1. A Free Pattern and Tutorial every Week
  2. Learn New Stitch and Techniques each week.
  3. Chance to enter Monthly Giveaways for posting your finished Mystery Tour projects online with hashtag: #LJDCMMT  (Light and Joy Designs Crochet Magical Mystery Tour)
  4. Recognition – online on my website and on Instagram – for participating in the adventure. (If you would like. This is optional)

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Learn More

Head over to the main page that describes the Crochet Magical Mystery Tour in detail.

Be sure to sign up for alerts of the Magical Mystery Tour patterns.

And I hope to see your finished projects soon!

First Project of the Tour is Posted!

“Yoga Bracelet and Anklet”

Video Tutorial Link – CLICK HERE!

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